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It's what people use to make music for the audio portal.
Well anyway since I'm new anyone who can give me pointers in the comments will be greatly appreciated.
Give me ideas for what I should make next if you want.
I only downloaded the demo so I may not be able to do some things.
Once I fully understand the program I think I'm gonna buy it.
here are some things I want to do with it;

1.) final boss music for games
2.) a hip-hop
3.) a sad classical theme (hardest because of keyboard)

However your suggestions can help me out alot.
REMEMBER to help me out with some pointers! (:

I just downloaded fruity loops studio!Ideas and pointers please!

The Daily Log-In Of A Newgrounder

2008-10-04 18:03:18 by cloudy-kid

O.k heres my "life" on new grounds.

.Usually when I first log in I'll read my mail if I have any.
.Then I'll usually vote five times for the 10 exp.
.Sometimes after that I like reviewing in the audio portal.
.After that I unwind and post at the general forums (get flamed and such (: ).
. After that I blam and protect usually blam because of the drama in the forums(: .
.Then Ill start looking at older submissions that have already past there judgment find a few new favorites.
.Then I go to the blogs at comment.
.After that I unwind with a couple of my favorites.
.Then I either get on with my life or just do whatever I want here.

Well theres my "life" on NG!
post yours in comments if you want.

see ya,