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The Daily Log-In Of A Newgrounder

2008-10-04 18:03:18 by cloudy-kid

O.k heres my "life" on new grounds.

.Usually when I first log in I'll read my mail if I have any.
.Then I'll usually vote five times for the 10 exp.
.Sometimes after that I like reviewing in the audio portal.
.After that I unwind and post at the general forums (get flamed and such (: ).
. After that I blam and protect usually blam because of the drama in the forums(: .
.Then Ill start looking at older submissions that have already past there judgment find a few new favorites.
.Then I go to the blogs at comment.
.After that I unwind with a couple of my favorites.
.Then I either get on with my life or just do whatever I want here.

Well theres my "life" on NG!
post yours in comments if you want.

see ya,


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2008-10-04 18:09:40

Thats pretty much what I do to xD

cloudy-kid responds:

Yay something in common lol!


2008-10-04 21:48:40

thank you for adding me to your favorite flash authors list :D

cloudy-kid responds:

no problem I thought your flash was amazing!